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Добро пожаловать в магазин зажигалок Zippo!

Zippo – всемирно известный бренд, не нуждающийся в особом представлении. Зажигалки Zippo изготавливаются в США и выполнены в различных стилях – от традиционных до ярких молодежных. Zippo Manufacturing Company выпускает несколько линий зажигалок. Купить оригинальную зажигалку Zippo себе или другу в подарок – отличный вариант презента на любой праздник. Продукция этого производителя получила всемирную популярность и зарекомендовала себя как наилучший представитель в данной сфере рынка.

Купить Зиппо – значит получить в пользование прекрасный аксессуар известного бренда, выпускающего зажигалки более восьмидесяти лет. Именно поэтому компания Zippo без опаски дает пожизненную гарантию на свою продукцию.

Mercer was born Matthew Christopher Miller in West Palm Beach, Florida, on June 29, 1982. [5] His family moved to Los Angeles when he was young. [5] He attended Agoura High School in Agoura Hills, California. [6] He has a brother who writes and performs music under the stage name Dave Heatwave. He suffered from a stutter when he was young; his father, who also stuttered, got him a speech therapist who reduced the effects to the point that only certain words trigger it. [5] He decided to adopt «Mercer», which members of his family had used in the past, as his stage surname because his birth name was too similar to someone already represented by the actor’s union SAG-AFTRA. [5] He had a stint as a member of The Groundlings. [6]

Mercer began his career performing English walla and additional characters in several Japanese anime, and has since also worked in cartoons, video games, and radio commercials. He has been a guest at conventions around the world, hosting at events such as Anime Expo and Anime Matsuri. His work has expanded to a multitude of roles in cartoons, video games and radio commercials. He directed and produced the web series There Will Be Brawl, [7] based on the Super Smash Bros. video game series, where he provided the voices for Meta Knight and portrayed the role of Ganondorf. He also produced the web series Fear News with the Last Girl, and acted in several shows from the Geek & Sundry and Nerdist networks.

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In 2016, Mercer served as the Dungeon Master for Force Grey: Giant Hunters, which ran for 2 seasons. [22] In 2017, he was the Dungeon Master for the Nerdist show CelebriD&D, which puts D&D-playing celebrities into a small, mini-campaign where they are paired with role-players. [23]

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